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You've finished the book. What's next? 📚

We've got exciting news! Whether you've read the book cover to cover or simply perused the highlighted sections, we've got programs for every financial advisor in every different stage of business. 

What are your biggest business gaps?

Strategy is the first area of business reviewed in our Velocity Indicator assessment, and for good reason. It’s one of the main areas that our business coaches work on with clients. If you want to achieve your vision, you need a strategy. If you want to implement business initiatives, you also need to have a strategy. 

When done so effectively, you can significantly improve office efficiencies, most notably “freeing up” precious time for yourself and your staff. Also, you are likely using technical software to keep all your client information updated and in one place. This is great, but are you maximizing the use of your contact management system?

The reality is that as you build your practice, as you refine your vision, as you develop strategy to achieve that vision, and as you build out your team to execute on the strategy, you must have a strong focus on your leadership as well.

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