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A Book Written by
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The Book

In Mastering Your Momentum: Close the Gaps in 15 Critical Areas of Your Financial Advisory Business to Achieve Confidence, Focus, and Freedom, our team at The Personal Coach teaches you how to regain your momentum to break through the brick wall.


Our self-assessment tool, The Velocity Indicator, identifies your strengths and weaknesses in fifteen critical areas of your business. Once you recognize the gaps in your business plan, The Personal Coach team offers practical exercises and strategies for bridging those gaps and reinvigorating your business with purpose.

Even the most successful advisors hit a wall while growing their business. Mastering Your Momentum gives you a clear picture of how your business has come this far, and how you can take it even farther.


The Authors

The Personal Coach team is a group of professional business coaches who help clients recharge their business momentum. Each coach has more than two decades of experience in the financial services industry. Their mission is for advisors and their teams to achieve three outcomes: confidence, focus, and the freedom to achieve an extraordinary business and life. 

A huge thank you to Brad, for committing yourself to this project and sharing your story. Brad Amlin was one of the first clients of The Personal Coach. His business coach was an integral part in helping him and his team grow and ultimately sell their business. Brad began his advisory career at a multinational insurance company in 1997. In 2001, Brad joined Marlatt Insurance Agencies as an associate. He and his wife, Heather, later purchased the business. As a financial advisor, Brad worked directly with individuals to identify their unique financial goals. In 2013, Brad and Heather sold their practice to Cornwall Wealth Management.

A huge thank you to our colleagues, clients, strategic partners, and friends who are referenced in this book.


Joe Moffatt, Blue Whale Financial Solutions

Scot Bolton, Good Redden Klosler LLP

Rob Hollingsworth, Industry Leader

Susan Latremoille, NextChapter Lifestyle Advisors


Leo Pusateri, Giles Kavanagh:

Wayne Cotton:

Julie Littlechild:

Bill Cates:


Joe Moffatt, BlueWhale Financial

Reg Braun, Gallery Wealth Mgt

Kelvin Krips, Krips Financial

Mark Wemp, ClearRock Financial

Geneviève Lagacé-Gore, Marquee Benefits

Ted Braestone, Braestone Family Wealth

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